Toshiba Satellite C55-A Windows 8 Laptop Review

Hey though unassuming InDesign d to see the satellite c5-05 a series laptop computer is one of the most well-rounded consumer products that we've tested in recent history it when someone does 8 as the OS but has a whopping E gigabytes %uh ddr3 memory which you can use a customized product with and also has 500 gigabytes of hard drive storage on in addition to a Intel Core i3 chipset powering Deepak CPU he s here with me text me suck on the bus should be here view the satellite seafight a which i think is again have pretty good deal for the money especially because the laptop itself only retails for about three hundred dollars but again you have a lot of ramjet like memory and the size of this thing coming in a teaching point three inches is right on the money as far as high come the average size for computers and laptops stays to you closer look at the design again the product itself is pretty honest you mean it is a traditional laptop in the sense that has access to DVD drives CD-rom's and stuff like that on the from the vices are made by a pizza place black plastic but has interesting great to it little bit difficult to capture on camera but has this nice interesting design which is a little better than just a plain pasta finish the laptop itself weighs in at cheap I have four pounds which is actually pretty lightweight are and it offers advice on a probability so it's easy to carry around with you if you are traveling but it has pretty good on this laptop alas it does about five to six hours before we had three charges depending on the know that you're in and even though it certainly did Lassus through a few movies 

before we have to reheat the that might arise because the Lockport the standard to see the power port yet the one USB 2.0 port in the aforementioned dvd-rom drive the right hand side the product features access to one USB 2.0 port 2.5 know me to happen Jack in a microphone port one USB 2.0 port one HDMI port 1 Internet port in one BG port and for me it's it's a pretty well rounded product on the front by also have access to ace SD card reader although the car dispersion out at the you know a little bit when it is inserted it still is pretty easy to files on the product are between are excited up as far as be performing is considered the C 55 a is actually pretty speedy looking at the lake after the product is in hibernation mode offers you the ability to do in 20 s virtually on in the future in a few seconds there is so it's a very speedy user interface overall see if you're looking for something else can be fastener spotted it's a great product to have for that purpose just realized that he that is very bright spacious and comfortable to see it offers very good viewing angles and Sprite not even be viewable under direct sunlight which we are fans of get sick it's a tradition of 15 points 6 inch art display with the facing HD camera on the top and also dual microphones for noise cancellation which makes it quite also on ideal for videos hiring applications like Skype and on you can even work in the elected 

you Asians as well so if you're in the dark the webcam so is able to capture pretty high resolution images which we are excited about take a look at the UI it's pretty standard this is in touch with computer hence the lower price tag but it offers again very formidable performance with the Intel Core i3 processor and Mo most notably on a Jacobite have 80 gigabyte of RAM which is again pretty impressive now the rampart is computable by the users depending on what model up the product to get it will differ the those motto in the series offers 2 gigabytes of RAM but again the higher one is the a here but model that we have here on FB as you can expect with the highest configuration here on the product went extremely smoothly running from tasks and multitasking is the very fluid in a very lucid experience and you won't find any centering or so downs even if you have multiple applications open so we found that overall income to web browsing experience watching streaming video content from YouTube and Hulu Plus the product works without his ship even for playing back online games and gaming on without the products also PC with a responsive on of course it we have a lot of multitasking app open in addition to claim back eames its gonna get a little bit slower doesn't ring a battery let it faster but our overall its prefer pretty formidable for the most part to give an example good complex at like the new york times we found that the wifi cart on the product is pretty strong common sense I we could be you know a nice distance away from the router in a few meters and the product would still work pretty well of last 20 loads are pretty well and of course it comes with Internet Explorer has the croup Priya pre-installed on web browsing client but he can and saw other web browsers like chrome or Safari or like is up on Firefox

if you are into that about your features the actual design up the pace so we also are fans of I like a lot of other Toshiba Satellite laptops it actually has the kind of unique design which we haven't seen before the hinge is a pretty simple to South hinge with the 100 either side for supported durability but the interesting thing here is the power on operates located right on top right hand corner it eliminates I actually a nice I yellowish white collar when the product is turned on its very tactile easy to press as well which we are fans of and we like the indicator sale light that's going on there's well be from the vice also have the stereo speaker for playback music now unfortunately the weakest point this laptop is gonna be that speaker if the plan to listen to a lot of music perhaps watching YouTube videos with the built-in speaker though it is loud it's extra meet any 

so if you're playing that music it's not going to be a great experience higher note in lower notes are gonna sound distorted compared to similarly priced laptops by HP or by gateway otherwise the actual on computer experience src quality keyboard is considered is quite large spacious and comfortable to type on buns are well spaced and they have a very nice tactile spring to them the space bar is on the smaller side inspection but with a bit %uh acclamation we found that we could take very fast in with very few errors on this keyboard on again a very good job at issue the overall the right hand side is also the dedicated to a special numeric keypad which makes it great for productivity as well city are using exile or PowerPoint or adding a lot of numerical digit numbers it offers a really quick way to do some calculations and the such as with all Toshiba laptops reviewed in the past and the satellite lineup the park also features LED lights for the amber locking also the caps lock keys so it's very easy to see even in dark environments the shocking that the actual laptop itself is on the smaller side the spec Shoppe we have to say that it's not the greatest arcade in the world just because it's ot is in the largest but it does doesn't it very definition to it its kind of course but also pretty skewed so does nexium a lot of great it doesn't get very greasy very easily so as he searched using this on its very responsive any doctor clean it in all that much which we are fans 

I've the product also supports multi-touch they can jump in and out a web page is facing page dozen guess yours because pat is also gonna on she has better ones as opposed to order to shell out tops with a kinda bubbly round texture for the clip ads we have two dedicated a flat keypads which are very easy to press very evenly spaced and a response it overall really like the on step up that issue has taken with the cookers I it's a lot better than the previous generation models and for that reason we are for the again YouTube videos and video content in general plays back very very well dislike taking a quick look at a our page just from the new york times can see how of changing it from the full screen settings on its pretty fast again the quality the screen is really great for watching videos and content overall so overall this is a pretty good laptop 

I would say some other thing to take no death would be the fact that it has a little our fan speed and perhaps users are used to especially with another court which that interview house on Israel it no easier in terms of its gonna have a lot more the fan speed going on in the distance but it's funny thing two notable and I can get you so over time I think toshiba has insults on its own applications like another PCs and these correspond to Cara Netflix Norton security for one year has an quick launch applications to Skype you know Amazon e-bay and also interesting love you publication what about each action air content from the PC onto an HD television which is also pretty cool and is also a whiles experience unfortunately microsoft office is not a built-in application so it happens all that or use a trial version arms it's not going to be the greatest laptop out of the box for students necessarily but I it's a very again the well-rounded line that includes almost everything else wrap 

the box something I will say that when you say as operating system is that it doesn't have been needed media center for plane activity videos said you're using the DVD Drive on the site here in the plane back in the input DVD inside stocking automatically start playing and said get it down to one from the from the marketplace for the store on dinner to start using that experience which is a little bit interesting it's kinda bomb the same thing going on with most other I'll Windows 8 laptops as well not just for this particular product but it's a look at the nuisance compared with previous generation computers when the seven when is this time the basically recognize and start playing a DVD movie without you having to install another application just to do that still on against a very well-rounded product extremely fast speeds very impressed in terms of performance very well-rounded the price under 300 dollars is just right has a webcam has a great cut discrete look to its not too flashy but it's on seems like the pre durable design has nice week to its an overall just very very well-rounded extremely solid tent and easily one of the best I think I'll to see the satellite line up at that party can purchase for a more budget already priced tak so a very good job at issue the overall and adolescent actually suck on her editors would definitely recommend this laptop this is a test Toshiba Satellite c55 a series your choice be here Teresa com thanks for watching our full that your view also by the site at OS tech news
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