Sony vaio pro 13 review

what's up everyone Mike year and this is my review for the Sony by a pro 13 one of the first in the hassle ultrabooks available in stores this year's and also one of the most interesting ultrabooks ever launch as you see from my video so without any further ado there's jump into it the 13 inch by a pro is for sure on the most beautiful laptops I've ever seen it also feels like a high end laptop should so you in for of carbon fiber body under new premium notebook use for the entire outer case and the area around a keyboard by the palm rest is covered in aluminum the gin dee aluminum case something most other manufacturers offer for ultrabooks how'd Sony lowered the weight of their Pro 13 to only about 2.4 pounds or under 1.1 kilos it also helped them get the laptop that doesn't look like any of its competitors however while the Pro is definitely a beauty with its angular design and very slim profile it's sharp edges and especially the point the cornerstone make it exactly the most comfortable to use especially when typing on it for several hours like I did still well annoying that's not that big of a problem the overall lack of third is however could be the laptop flexes and bends no matter how you use it having it on my desk and pressing the keys cause the entire body to flex grabbing it makes the lid cover band and so on my contacted. 

Sony claimed that the Pro is specifically designed with a certain amount of flexibility in mind and is tested to withstand all sorts abuses scenarios and that my bits are not only time will tell but I for one would surely feel a lot more confident in this laptop if it were sturdier the bottom of the laptop is just as flat as the pup it'll get some rubber feet and thus less battery connector in the middle down here while on the sides there's the PSU with the charging LED and the cooling real on the left as the as the card reader microphone headphone jack two USB ports and a full-size HDMI connector on the right there's no at the net and no VGA but Sony does bundle an HDMI to VGA extension in the back and a neat trick for lawn but more about it a bit later all in all the via Pro 13 is an astonishing looking machine with a sharp angular design in a thin and light body this does make the laptop a bit too flimsy for my liking and maybe for its well-being but surprisingly the probe is also very well balanced you can leave the screen with only one hand and the body with Ledley race on the plastic pads on the lower edge of the displayed 

which leads to better cooling and the more comfortable typing angle speaking of that the key word on his via Pro 13 is amazingly good the keys are proper size in space and have plenty of travel for a machine this fit the layout is nice as well although those tiny arrow keys are a bit annoying but you get used to them in fact if that isn't a review on the prowl without any problems whatsoever yes the entire body flexes even when gently tapping each key but less likely bothering that did not affect my typing performances the keyboard is also backlit I couldn't find a way to manually adjust the back lightnings intensity but there is a sense order to third on and off the elimination according to the ambient light the keypad however does not rise to the high standards set by the keyboard it's not bad but there's definitely room for improvement especially when it comes to registering taps and some gestures they do finger scrolling have tried mingling with the settings but that didn't make any difference besides that the entire track but does feel a bit rough to touch but I could easily live with that if not for the other issues those out of the way let's turn our attention on the display there's a 13 inch IPS full HD touchscreen on this by a pro and there's little I can see wrong about it 

it responded briefly to all my touches and swipes while displaying very sharp in vibrant content Sony bundle their trailer Minister Knology on the screen which does lead to pop in collars although a bit oversaturated the contrast and brightness levels are good as well and there's a light sensor that automatically adjust the brightness based on the amount of light around which works pretty good still there is one thing I believe so he should have done better there's a rather big gap between the panel and the lair of glass on top and that leads to very annoying reflections and also contrast fading which is especially visible on white spoleto content and that's very annoying especially with a screen that doesn't completely lay down on the back and doesn't offer full flexibility

 when it comes to adjusting the vertical viewing angles alright but enough talking about this laptop let's see what it can actually do as I mentioned in the beginning the via brought is one of the first Ultrabook to offer in those new has work harder platform our unit is the base version of the protein with an Intel Core i5 4200 you processor into HD 4600 graphics for gigabyte of RAM and the 128 gigabytes as is the and that makes it powerful enough to pretty much everything you might throw it from basic things like browsing jetting listen to music to more advanced tusks like editing photos and videos but in with the media content even running some gains the excellent sound system has a massive impact on the overall multimedia experience as well as the Pro does offer budgeting good quality sound for an ultrabook have another video showing you how the pro handle titles like Starcraft 2 dirty and the latest need for speed so you should check it out if you're interested in more specific details about the harder plus benchmark results and how the house were platform stands when compared to the previous Ivy Bridge line you should see the way to review on Ultrabook review that comp have added some things for you in the description back to a review I do have to add that the via broken foot Windows 8 which does offered 

a touch-friendly interface with all the abt inside the Windows Store but the classic desktop environment there are also about 15 or so pieces of Sony software pre-installed on this laptop and some might be useful however you should uninstall most of them they just keep up the pressure is based on that small 128 you go by says the and slow down the unit the by a pro manages to run cool n quiet most of the time when dealing with full HD videos games and some other demanding aP's the bottom part will get warm but not uncomfortably hot or anything like that care is something from those got in the paint and blown out for the grill on the left edge and the entire cooling system is efficient but cannot forget quite loud when pushing this machine but how about the battery life there's a 38 what or battery inside this unit and that's enough to push the via Pro 13 for about five to seven hours of everyday use which really prove the efficiency of the new intel has work harder if that's not enough sony also offers a flat battery for the pro that can't be easily push it to 10 hours of life or even more 

there's also one called report mentioning about the power brick as you can see here it does come with the USB slot so you can charge your very a sexy stories but sony also offers than USB powered wireless dunkle but perfectly integrates with the brick there's an at report on this unit you just have to stick in the cable press the WPS button and get yourself a secure an easy to use wifi network definitely something I'd wish other manufacturers will offer on their ultrabooks in the future okay so now you know what you're getting with this still your bio Pro 13 plenty of things to like some that still offer room for improvement but overall a great combo and for sure I love the best ultrabooks at the moment sony says the bro 13 for 1250 and up our review unit is exactly the base configuration but can also get an Intel Core i7 config add more memory and extra storage space but those will push the vial Pro 13 above to grant so should you buy the via Pro 13 well if you want the new Ultrabook right now it's definitely something to consider although it is more expensive than similar Ivy Bridge machines if you're not in a hurry though I think you should wait to the end of the summer this is just one of the first husband ultrabooks hitting the stores then could issue is the plenty of other very good options down the line not necessarily better in the vial Pro 13 but it's always good to have viable choices to pick between and that pretty much wrapped up this video review thank you for sticking by and don't forget to hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more future updates also to go to read a review on how to book review for extra details on this laptop and Intel hassle platform ok edge later ok
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