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Alienware featuring Intel Core i7 processors start gaming Alienware sent me their steam machine check out in this article I'm going to be checking out three things the unit itself steam OS and the controller so I really hope you enjoyed this article goes if you want a information on this article so they're in the description but without further ado let's get on to the review and here we go so what is the steam machine well as the machine is very simple it's designed to be a small form factor gaming PC are you living room now you might be sitting there saying isn't a PlayStation 4 is not an Xbox one is now we you well technically yes but on the other hand a steam machine allows do a couple of things and allows you to select the manufacturer allows you to pick performance and allows you to stay within the ecosystem that is the PC gaming master race will steams game library and today i'm taking a look at Alienware seven seven hundred pounds steam machine creation now before we get into the review I just wanna touch upon the unit itself.

so in the box yet the steam machine which I actually really like the design of kind of a nice black design doesn't look too crazy he's not gonna really stand out next to television which are actually quite like you get the controller which I hate beyond anything it's the worst control over held in my life it like I'll explain more in a little bit later in the article get the power adapter you get power brake which is absolutely almost half the size of the steam machine itself HDMI cable as well as a adapter for the controller and a delightful charging cable so the kind of usual things you'd expect you don't have to buy anything else it's pretty much will you would hope for out of a box pretty pretty good stuff now in terms of its pretty good two USB ports on the from which you can plug in a keyboard or mouse wheel single to move on the back as well as an adapter underneath the unit again Ethernet cable optical out HDMI and HDMI out as well as the in terms of connectivity more there's no other connections. 

I would have a school so this is a really good take from me in terms of a small form factor PC taken all the right boxes here this is the right stuff so yes this is good now said help was fairly simple use that to plug it in plug it in totality of the hope is not too potato quality for you guys but it's very much like setting up a new Playstation or an Xbox regular PC for that matter you just go through the steps self control of and it's all pretty normal now the steam OS itself is not full review of the steam OS itself but what I will say is it's fairly easy to use is not very complicated you search for games that you've got either on your PC library that upstairs in your office or bedroom or wherever it may be and then you've also got your library that you've actually installed on the concert itself it's all blended together so if you see a game you can play it it's either because its own either of the two devices I kind of like this it means you don't have to divide the tune have two separate libraries it kinda makes it easier now in terms of performance on the machine itself really pleasantly surprised which is really good knowing.

Look into why the ease in just a moment but I played procedure played universe and books to play some cod intensive games I tried to throw as much variation out as I could and overall I was really surprised you know how it performed it was really really get it now the problem with that is not a lot of games are played and are playable on Steam OS year now I don't know whether this is an industry thing and it will always remain the same but at the moment as of making this article does not create a library on Steam OS just you breaking Valve games which are good but you've already played them and you know the odds and sods game library of just a few random games now there is a way around this to play games for PC only on the steam machine and that is to stream them from your gaming PC which may be in office or bedroom or whatever and I gotta say this for me is just not an option because it wasn't a nice experience who won the game ran all felt horrible because I was using a wired connection for those who that will be asking I just didn't like it wasn't responsive enough I didn't feel like it was good enough I felt like I might as well just go upstairs and play the game rather than play on a lower quality lower performance on my machine downstairs like it just wasn't good enough and of course occasionally I just decided to break all together and random you load of gt5 it just wasn't a good experience. 

so in my opinion despite the option you are limited to steam OS games and the library at the moment just isn't that great now let's say you want to stay on the library but you won't ease the sting controller this team controller is god awful and it needs to go in the bin instantly the only use it has is paperweight because it's cheap plastic the track pads are just horrible it's too loud it is not comfortable control like it's a bad controller valve I'm sorry it is I love but just rubbish controller who you might say is personal preference but that's kind of what this refusal about my personal preferences I don't like the controller it's all four have much rather plug in a mouse and keyboard and just put it on my lap or better still put in text books 1 control or be controlled as they both work so here's my problem with the Alienware steam machine the hardware is great the form factor of the device is great I love the Alienware device. 

I just don't think the execution from Valve is good enough to warrant the Alienware price tag and i've i've got a laptop from a dream where I really do like the laptop like their products are marginally more expensive than other stuff on the market but you pay for the premium of the label and I think the quality of the product however the quality of the product on this case is really held back by the fact that steam OS at the moment just isn't good enough so if you could look over the early development of steam OS play the games that are currently available in the hope that more games to come available later on in the air then I can totally recommend this device Alienware the machine itself Alienware held up their end of the bargain is just whether or not you trust valve to improve team OS and the library of games and keep supporting the platform I wish I wish so much that this device is running Windows instead because if it was I would have recommended this it's great form factor it's great performance it is relatively expensive but in my opinion if it was running Windows it would have been worth it but unfortunately steam OS just isn't there yet and I think it really holds back the device but there we go that's my honest review thank you
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