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This is a super mobile tech review and as promised this is our pen demonstration for the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 yoga this is the Lenovo ThinkPad carbon turn into a yoga in convertible 2.8 pounds very thin very light as a LinkedIn luck keyboard a 2.8 pounds you could use it as a tablet certainly for drawing and for note-taking and we're gonna explored in a bit more depth now we have a full review of this go ahead and watch that were written review to which you can read but it must been to too much time on the Penn there for those who don't care that much about it so here we're going to die but little bit deeper into how the pen works businesses interesting this is a new ATS 0:46 digitizer in here so different from the EMR technology that can be used to use and slightly different from NJ tho technologically but they do have a lot of similarities you look at it now alright so first let's take a look at the bottom 10 control panel that is preinstalled here is preinstalled on ours winter drivers installed as well this is a retail model 

so this wasn't set up special recipe can also download the drivers from Lenovo's website so you can see here you can assign what the little buttons doing this teeny weeny little pen and by default the lower but does the erasing top and it's up to you so we can set it to be left click click click sell on keystrokes modifier radio linear bring up any scrolling open run Journal quick note so on so you can you can scientists be many different things you can have her clicking don't like that feature myself as some people don't actually want to touch the screen you can set your pen tip sensitivity basically just choked firmness it is a huge amount of difference in my testing where you set it at the middle setting works pretty well hard-pressed if you want that to be a double click and show the ripple effect I think I'll know what that is and then we have configured displays case this is the reason we are using with the pen and calibration actually takes you to require a detailed calibration a couple of points and then many many outside point so it's a fairly involved calibration the only thing I can say no maybe because I'm left handed 

I don't know that really should make a difference is that it actually made things worse it's pretty much just spot on these eight years kind of electrostatic pins usually are the same technology that intrigues and so this is not an EMR which is electromagnetic the older walking technology and still they claim to be the most precise so I find this to be quite good so we get good harvard is sincere about a half an inch or so in this important proposal rejection so it detects the township in my hand is going to be drawing so here we have our trade which supports both wind and the new modern windows in KPI's in both are turned on by default we left in that way you can send one on you can set the other on all the possible features leaving them both on doesn't hurt in this case which is interesting enough been working on drawing an apple over here as you can see so pencil tool right there are resting my hand on the screen I wanna put a little extra work right there excellent precision as to where the cursor is located or the stroke begins the the parallax that makes me go absolutely cranky with EMR pens is not here so that is a good thing 

but when I color my leaves a little bit just fine so here is a pencil struck no yeah there's there's there's plenty of jitter here and even if I used a straight edge against the screen is going to be jitter if I go slowly I do happen to be a pretty quick stroke person myself so quickly it's not a problem with their is jitter there and if we switch to the oil brush a pretty natural struggle to me that's a little bit digital their leave the enclosing you know but the pressure sensitivity is quite good at 20:48 levels here so that works pretty well in terms of speed this pic on the Airbus because that's just slows things to all XO that's pretty good in this car radio this bigger keeping up pretty well other than the land is not terrible but that airbus is usually one of the things that cause a problem so it works well where should the ready-to-use the pen pressure sensitivity is good there no erasure on the back years you actually have to select the eraser tool if you wanna race with this life could be worse for Facebook has to score a few points over a dozen and surface Pro for by the way we do have a smackdown between Microsoft Surface book and the ThinkPad x1 yoga for those who are still trying to decide between the two of these because they do not have a lot of similar news thanks for switching to clip studio paint pro now I have that running in the background as well as one note samba band noise not at issue here in this is the core i7

so it's as powerful as against all core 15 while Intel HP 520 graphics and I'm gotta brush tool selected right now and include studio pain I find everything to look kind of alluded to digital in private I don't get real kinky structure where switch over to a pin and that's a pretty skinny pencil about 70 so we've done a little bit eagerly 15 and those grow even larger go up to 50 it's not bad it's not super fantastic in terms of natural looking in terms of pressure sensitivity and responsiveness it actually is quite good because the pencil tool I can rest my hand right here smaller again and its quicken up its fluid in his natural look to draw a natural look to the schedule is really nice and those really responsive so I don't believe this is the second classes into the older ThinkPads ahead welcomed Mr if you're into hard switching in 2010 this is the Metro live tile version works the same way if you're using the desktop version and we did cover this in our full review but just in case you're just wanted to focus in on the pen again it's fantastic for taking notes doesn't have my handwriting any but it works quite well here and you you could do it all to you your same pressure sensitivity light strobe light we can go to to let you know it's it's fairly good stuff right here when 

last we will take a look at Photoshop which again we cover that also the full review but just so you can see the Photoshop some points on the bench and finally kicked on a little bit we ran dobie Photoshop CDC's latest version right here and I'm got the pencil tool so before we showed photo editing and of course this is a very nice and precise way to edit photos fair you're blocking what it is you're trying to end it with your finger sort of thing so it works this not bad I see a little bit of latency a little bit of delay right there in the pencil tool and now we have something for those who want to paint with a brush increase the pixel size and undoing the diagonal lines against you can see the general triggers the jitters pretty evident there in terms of how keeps up pretty during 2012 set the brush to be obscenely huge just because that's an indicator of performance in some folks like to see the test we're going to go for a 96 two hundred and forty-three pixel wide brush and its keeping up just fine with the door core i7 and integrated graphics right there you can fill that camp as a Realtor invest up overall this is a very pleasing are too it's it's good certainly get to say this as entered solution for the surface problems the latest generation service prices be entered was way behind several years ago but they have really caught up and this being the first generation comes a yes technology there are still active men it's also quite good and it's a real close 

I prefer a drink a little bit for the way the pressure curves are implemented but this is also quite good and doesn't make me miss walker me where I know so we're going to have a cow who love your welcome mr and it is very precise and there are things to be said for but very company for note-taking art Photoshop touching up all that sort of stuff and it's standard with the ThinkPad x1 yoga so there is no you have a better idea of what the pen is like on the new ThinkPad x1 yoga and also Lenovo's using the new technology in a couple of other ThinkPad models too so this gonna work the same place same rechargeable pen that goes in the silo optional bigger pending in my separately so you don't have to deal with the pineal to hear any way works very well and unsurprisingly works similarly to entering since they both use very silly technologies behind the scenes better edge tracking and less parallax released about no parallax year compared to walk and was older EMR technology wish they could still considered to be the catalyst of technologies by the way as being the most precise offering honestly I think entry and the ASR really getting up there to being very good as well so it's quite competitive stuff in particular I hate parallax makes me crazy and that being gone here is just wonderful on these are from mobile tech review be sure to watch our video review of this why read our review and has like 12.
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