lenovo thinkpad yoga wacom pen

Lenovo yoga wacom pen 

ThinkPad yoga now this is not a review of that price we have a separate video review so you can just learn everything about it this is why they are especially looking at the pad comes with a digital pen two versions of this Lenovo ThinkPad the only one with the pan mun without the fence at make sure you get the one that you want obviously this is the one with a pen bring a test it out is awakened active digitizer see his way campaigns with it and just as a quick recap it to yoga style convertible keyboard on the bottom here but locking lips also the keys don't move 12.58 full HD IPS display converts into a regular notebook to fourth generation Intel house on side test at the Penn now first of all a no vote think that yoga has awakened digitizer and you'll have to download the way can feel it drivers awakens website

if you want pressure sensitivity in applications that use win tab pressure sensitivity it means Adobe Photoshop all the Adobe applications Carell painter you get the idea ever using something that is the modern windows -inc: API you don't need to do anything at all right now we're fresh paint that's an example is a prepaid applications available from the Microsoft App Store and Microsoft makes it themselves and we would expect it to work here and of course it does so they give you this nice little bird to start with and I've been painting in and filling in they were using a green pen you're sticking to it looks like right there pressure sensitivity on this is a line is then when I press lightly gets fatter we do it kinda watercolor thing right now so and the watercolor thank tracking pretty pretty accurate did have to his way comes calibration set up to I will appear in control panels if you installed the driver but once you do that the tracking is pretty accurate well we have a fairly white canvas here we'll take a look at how close to the edge is we can get we can get Brian against the edges 

here the top edge is the most limited you can get use can still get to the edge that's a an issue with waken up with this particular profits in the same thing and surface pro to know where the very top edge even get to the edgier can whisper sometimes hot menus yet to unworkable to manipulate them again on the sides over here bottom over here so the age Traci is actually pretty accurate staying with my stylist Rypien rounder and we've got that going all the way around they can use anyway come tablet PC friendly friend that includes the surface Pro two if you want because let's face it this is pretty dinky its small so they can fit into the housing may be going to be using this eating pretty days on end you going to say well missile the cramped it does have a button here the end is not fun quotient as an automatic orasure on this the right here I have a tablet PC Way companion switching over to that now the switch pens you may have to recalibrate ancestry wake 'em is with this was actually working pretty well too and I like this one cuz I'm gone nice of elton on here feels more natural for painting not so much for writing 

so I say this is working just fine pressure since then the pressure plate so let's take a look to be photoshopped missus Photoshop cs6 right here here's our lil KT drawing I have enable pressure sensitivity in the brush settings here and we have again good tracking their whoever in waco it's never a always exactly under the tip but it's pretty good even with the pen tilt is working you can see the difference in the lines and we have palm rejection that standard for all these active digitizer is right here so I can rest my hand on the screen right outlined the kiddies back so good pressure sensitivity now when this first came out there was a problem with a dead zone in when others fix that happily with a driver update we have that installed here sir we don't have any dead zone any place that we wanted wrong all the way across the screen will make this campus even bigger we can CNN their affiliate moreover screen here and it's just fine in terms are tracking speed 

You can see repentance and I'll very fast rate here is keeping a pretty well that's very good and we can nice smooth circles 10 so for our work for you people are using mangope you using Photoshop to drawing painting corral painter pain to Saii any of those things this is a go is quite pleasant this is a three and a half pound tablet so keep in mind you're probably going to want to rest is on your lying on a table it because the knee angles you can get this you can actually profit up if you like this is kinda more natural for for brush painting re tend to stand away and paint at a distance it's nice for might be a little weird so that step if you rest your hand on 

this you get some so and I fear no takers were gonna take a look at one not we're going to use the so here we are inside or 10 works just fine keeps up so far no takers also very nice not good speed there and even if you feel the pager Texas is a nice fast processor it's going to be able to keep up with you when you taking notes so last they were gonna look at PDF annotation pressure and test out Adobe Reader this comes at nitro PDF by the way that also supports annotation if you want I'm just moving through here to find a page and I might want to annotate and I can do my highlighting right there by 12 not a problem at all with this a digital signature support that's built into Adobe Reader as well so have a peep open at the Microsoft Reader which is part of the operating system so here we are in Microsoft Reader and make it absolute mess so this acres circle anything that you want you can annotate taking mister hand on the screen where you say something alleged more like I'm doing right now is if I was really an attending a document so there you go in this office Adobe art applications it's all ago it behaves very nicely 10 tracking is fairly accurate as we come goes a ago so they remake can often be off just a bit with the doc that appears we're styles actually is keep calibrating to get there I and I can reach up far enough to the edge right here as you can see to do most the thing that i won so that's low number ThinkPad you'll get pentasa the way competitors you can see it works just fine barber shop in ArtRage in SketchBook Pro 10 work everything and works in 1902 and with pts i'm lisa from mobile tech review don't forget to watch our full review on this product.

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