Alienware x51 r3 review

ok D-day I have something for you and Kaley is very interested to see qualities as well you could tell by the police there anyway let me set my tripod and backstory ordered there's no I was looking at the shipping and they said it would arrive yesterday all day yesterday and hear anything and she looked at the front door and there was a failed to deliver today I had tears the USDA home all day and we're sitting on the counter I went outside to check nothing was there and then I went up I looked on my phone and it said delivered I went to Fox's there's enough anyway open it up if you are you don't know where computer get on it believe you could turn this just like you can't play station though so you can have it up writing down on the size we have these two plastic parts and believe the alien eyes through he looks like we have a microphone input headphone output we have access USB I guess that means SuperSpeed I don't know but I know this as USB 3.0 those at the top we could see some of the fans would show me in any of their videos back to you as a USB have HDMI USB Ethernet we have this for right here of leaders for other products i think is very graphics and two more USB ports. 

And this is a test n I believe those are faster ones we have these three i believe i four sounds like subwoofers and down here I got the just the basic I got this is all bare-bones by the way this is the cheapest version of the basic graphics card here's da HDMI and DVI to the next box you have to actually go English and my times and it was all up and running now have the light turned off so you could try to show you guys the light on here better but there's a color that comes up when I first booted it up you have blue on the side on the little alien head and blue on the other side and you could actually hold on before I move on then there's white up here I do not believe you can change that anyway there's actually a software in here where you can change the colors and so let me open that up so much crap and we'll get to that. 

Ok so I have that killer application you can actually choose between the three separate lights which one you would like what color you would like on each one there's also advanced settings so something happens like to get a notification or something like that the changes will color so just by like watching do you got email is something that demonstrate on this one right here blue is what it was when it turned out we can have oranges and I really like that red purple whatever we want to turn it off if we want to go anyway and as you can see over here on the screen I know I don't have a screen capture but looks horrible on this camera anyway there's all your colors right there and it looks real nice with my eyeballs but it this whole bottom part looks white on my phone anyway you can change them on vision these this one on the side and you want I'm close on the front to be really you could do that you can do whatever combination want so I'm going to set mine with red on both sides and purple on the hood for now go ahead and turn on my leg and show you this keyboard here so this keyboard is very nice this is the free one that came with it I had to go into options and selected.

But this was no additional charge and nothing lights up on here but the keys are very nice they're very low-profile keys they don't stick up too far as you can see on here or WASD were usually used for arrow keys instead of these video game actually have little alien symbols on their top we have about the glare home but we have message but we are displaying calculator Alienware logo and over here we have fully stop mute volume down volume Lord and I guess that's music application area media glare and yeah you can also see unlike a lot of keyboards these buttons right here it's not 33 they're very up and down like that so it makes the keyboard a little smaller so I don't know if you have to go over there fast for something or what but it was so that's the keyboard and over here is the mouse the mouse 

I mean as the Freedom House there's nothing really fantastic about it it works it has your little alien logo on there was just two buttons scroll through with it but this machine did come with Windows 10 I'm going to have to get used to that but so far it seems pretty good this is my Asus monitor that I just bought recently and I don't know exactly what model it is but it has VGA DVI HDMI inputs and it also has a headphone output so if you plug in with something like HDMI you could headphones into this or I could just put my headphones right here and you as you can see you don't like about this monitor the see this right here is monitored just the colors on it and they look good but I i feel like the screen is leaning forward a little too much everything looks really white to tilted back in just stand that comes of this you cannot adjust angle so that's my new computer this is again the Alienware x51 are three and it is it's all bare-bones I didn't add on anything extra I figured I buy this and see how it works out if I need upgrading thing I can upgrade later so hopefully I'll be able to make nice videos with you guys made make some videogame videos I don't know we'll see what we do hope you guys enjoyed this hope you enjoy the unboxing
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