Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comparison

 time you guys after going to get this is the Microsoft Surface pro to rate this is the new Lenovo you get three Pro threes in both names ball of can operate as tablets laptops more or less each other really compare now you know the its intelligence tests where it says which of these things are are are not alike while these both are alike and not like at the same time they both run Windows 8.1 they're both summer the coolest Windows 8.1 convertibles running full blown Windows 64-bit that you can get they both can act as laptops and tablets but here's where the difference comes in this is the surface pro 3 primarily a tablet first by design keyboard sold separately literally does separate right there's been a magnetic connector on their the keyboards in a set you back about a hundred thirty dollars to the type cover 

which is the one that has the movie click ickies like this as in a two-part magnet right there so it improves the angle you know you can watch a review this to get all the information but you see what I mean and that makes it more bearable as a laptop than ever before so it's not just a tablet anymore but though this keyboard may be small 12.12 inches it's actually pretty usable however it doesn't exactly compete with the yoga 13 inch keyboard experience right here because when I what does a great job with keyboards and there's our team or because in the design it's always there it on the bottom but it's bigger it's roomier it feels like a real keyboard both these have backlit keys I'll this is not my favorite 100 keyword because this thing is so crazy then day 

you know you can have that much he travel there but it still is pretty darn good more than normal laptop experts-- the only three Pro is still more up your everyday laptop first where as services that have a person really depends on which you want more this being 13.38 is also you get a bigger screen no kidding there they're both running at very high resolutions I really 1080 P would be fine the screen sizes they both exceed that by quite a bit so you talking about extreme sharpness on each very good Scott color saturation backgammon represented by each of these is equal the younger than three Pro is 300 nits brightness verses 3-4 defense surfers pro 3 so it gets a little bit brighter one nice thing about that 

is you get a bigger desktop his when you're using legacy programs question have to scale and so we have this set to 20 percent scaling just to manage the DPI on a bus stop pretty useful so also depends on what size display one are surfaced pro 3 has a 12-point one inch display so for those ever use the larger laptops it might seem a little cramped its way better than service pro tour with its 10-inch West display here I find it just fine and Microsoft does a good job with this with optimizing is pretty sharp it's pretty nice it's not too bad but still 13-point range for a lot of people is the smallest they wanna go so keep that in mind where the surface pro three fights back is with its digital pen thats whats normal keyboard holder right here entry technology active pen that means palm rejection is a very precise tip you can use a capacitive stylus for the OCR pro 3 not the same experience 

if you use those on I pattern Android tablet you know big fat tips imprecise is no palm rejection its kinda miserable experience especially on a bigger screen with it's just not possible to not rest your hand on screen so for those who want the pen for our for note-taking the surface protein makes more sense also its smaller size starts to make more sense because it easier to handle it's not only lighter 1.76 pounds for the tab along but once you add in the keyboard you bring the way to closer to are you home at three crow which weighs 2.6 pounds went on a big dire from the other two Pro things to smaller battery inside any more power for we'll see if you also very skinny so you know you're looking at an issue surprisingly simple same product you get three probing also a conventional laptop things that 360 degree hinge there it is you can do that you can put in presentation mode you can put in 10 months if you're looking for something that also works primarily as a laptop with those kinda organomet then you've got it right here another benefit is report sheet there's room for more hardcourts your cell like many ultrabooks 

we've got USB port right there 3.0 headphone jack those are fine controls power controls and on this side right here USB port this pre-planned for this one here is a combo for this one measly charging right to me USB 2.0 ports and three USB ports total micro HDMI and a full-size SD card slot card does stick out of the slot about halfway this August reno's similar to what about the ultrabooks is quite a feat winning the skinny light surface pro three on the other hand is poor constrain like a lotta tablet first devices volume control headphone jack power up there magnetic charging connector 1 USB 3.0 port and mini DisplayPort so if you're a USB happy kinda person then you're probably going to need a it is the dock with this guy or just get yourself a USB hub there is a micro SD card slot under the clever stand as well right inside there so that's how this one is kinda personal it has the infinite position kickstands you can prop this up in a variety of positions obviously there's no point to your being with this because there is not connected keyboard now in terms of portability size-wise obvious say the surface pro 3 is going to have the smaller footprint if you need to fit it into smaller bags those really heaney hotel safe sex or anything this guy can go just about anywhere with you this is it may be thin and light but it still got the footprint I'm your standard Ultrabook now in terms of performance 

here's where you gonna be surprised at the surface pro 3 actually pulls ahead this has your house well Intel fourth generation Intel Core i3 i5 and i7 CPU options the mainstream I'll the first one that was available was the Intel Core i5 pocket 1.9 gigahertz with four gigs RAM in 128 King SSD Drive both these have dual band wifi air at 11 AC and Bluetooth by the way now to 100 is a different character right here to get something and because I wanna be with the first with the fifth generation Intel Broadwell Cebu this has a broad well why syria CPU which saw at the Y Series CPU use in some tablets that are %uh girl s four-star the service pro 3 good news about broadwell's actually gets a lot of performance on that why sorry CPU and it uses less battery power so they could produce more battered this still benchmarks a little bit under our core i5 surface pro 3 so for those who need the most CPU interesting it out service pro trip service probably has more CPU options do with their core i3 i5 i7 obviously 

you know up 10/05/12 gay ass estate the Lenovo right now comes with the one Broadwell why syria CPU optionally the five why seven o'clock at one point one gigahertz butter goes to 2.77 Turbo Booster can put out a month all miles at a kids R and soldered on board on this guy now you can open this up their screws on the bottom there's not a lot to upgrade on this but you can actually take up the wireless card and that's pretty typical Wall ultrabooks and it hasn't and two SSD Drive it on this contradiction on so should you ever want to upgrade the SSD in the future yourself you can surface pro 3 is top possible nope I open up everything this is not something on open not get involved in things like tryin suction cup to display of them by what you need when it comes to this one a credibility is important while the other three Pro is not while the impressive in terms of a credibility at least you can open up and get the somethings not so that you can send it in for service if you need to do that now in terms and pricing because this service both reason available since different configurations on this EP is the i three starts at 7 99 and that's what the paltry 64 gig SSD not really enough for Windows 8.1 the core i5 the mainstream on with the four games RAM 128gb SSD is $9.99 

haha but don't forget to factor in the 130 dollar keyboard I'm sure most if you're going to this and then the i seven it depends on which sizes do you get with it you up to 95 the 256 King SSD for $12.99 which happens to be the same price as the 256 King 100 and if you wanna go up to the 512 with this one and I seventy can go to miss two thousand dollars at the service project for min best buy price is 1500 bucks you can get still the same Intel Broadwell sepia me can go up to are talking as his team for 1500 bucks list prices higher but that's about what is going for this guy the core i5 and 512 you get around the same price a little bit more if Microsoft Word offered the 512 the i five so any what you're looking at in terms of storage capacity they would be about the same price at 12 1991 256 K har this one's a bit more bristling offering were configurations and therefore more price options to such if you're on a tight budget do $12.99 for the yoga three Pro inch entry level price 

might be loan type A&B get the 999 service pro 3 in stock in a very solid state machine now between to very similar say all true but kinda models we could declare winner here honestly in this case the the design and the use cases so different there is not a clear winner do you wanna tablet first you one thing it's really small very portable adding the keyboard on doesn't really increase the size much at all we got the magnetic keyword right there just goes right on very easy mainline or you want something that has more actual laptop organomet set will be your Lenovo three prop do you need the pentagon haha the pen right here that surface pro 3 is the one that's going to be the one trillion do you need as much horsepower as possible right now the service for three and got a little bit more horsepower here Kenya Ports now back to this more conventional laptop design and those allow for more ports so hopefully now you can see which ones gonna fit your needs much talent for us with the pen design right there saying that fits anywhere for super light compact travel or something that really can stand in for your average 13 inch laptops flash Ultrabook.

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