Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Review

an done this is lease for mobile tech review and it's yoga time again this time looking at the Lenovo yoga to 11-inch we just looked at the 13 entries leon is a well designed to leverage 11 points six inches also even more affordable this this models available at best buy for $4.99 and it does all younger than just like you expected uses flat use it in 10 million presentation argues like a laptop we're looking at now so here it is the latest generation Lenovo CEO get to 11 now the the open the leverage for me is gone through a whole lot to change the first yoga 11 was actually a Windows RT machine and then well they moved over to mmm Core i-series the Y Series intel core CPU's and then of this generation latest generation being the over to pay attention to that to number if you shop around you gonna find all these for sale probably at sir now let's this one here is available with either a pentium are a Celeron CPU mostly the pentium remember the pentium name ya it sounds a little dated because well Intel is trying to find a way to position the CPU it somewhere above the Atom CPU and anyone at the contention at a moment's is on an architecture incident faster

but it's not as fast as a core I CPU but it's not too bad either and we have seen as years before and the like said the Sony Vaio tap 11 their coupled with a nice SSD Drive so it made me feel quicker this guy's a conventional spinning two-and-a-half inch hard drive inside Sat interfaces that real short high five millimeter drive inside zip a little bit less a speed boost their cell when you use it takes a while to build a Windows computer here average SSD laptop and want to get it running the applications will take a little longer to launch again all other has to do the hard drive and the CPU it may not be the sharpest knife in the box but it's not bad it's a quad-core now live on their website is taking to actually causing the CPU speed as it by the turbo speed that's not fair the base clock speed on this is 2.1 gigahertz this is the Intel Pentium and 3520 and it is a quad-core CPU Sep not too bad for those you're just getting this your productivity your don't wanna be doing hd full HD video editing at serious Photoshop all day long most people get 11.67 inch machine are not looking for that then it's going to be fine the RAM on this is thirteen thirty three megahertz versus 1600 makers ill C on core i5 machines for example I 307 and it is not upgradeable so it comes as for gays and that's when it is is soldered on board so we'll show you picture the internals right now she can see what's going on inside does have an upgradeable hard drive the wireless card is socket and if you do open it up there is Kenny torch T five screws on the bottom is let the news on scrum nothing tricky there then you can take off the cover and replace those items if you wish to again rammus on on board here this is glorious black plastic at one thing about the officers I think that made it popular name it probably is one the most popular windows 8 convertible the windows a first came out there's talk about sales are lagging on people world being really really not but we never did really really the only series in part because the great you're going you're being designed re can use in so many months

but also cuz it look darn good for the price and now kinda Lenovo's dialing back on the look so they even the other two Pro is a little less exciting looking listen that soft touch finish your and the contrast in color is it in list the whole market that book like design unit so boring you can get the San Clemente Orange if you want to jazz it up a little bit pretty much a look in a black plastic bottom here stereo speakers this has Dolby Home Theater for software obviously robust hinges here notice there's no fan back here right there is on the bigger yoga that's because this is a family stays on as well the benefits of using the Intel Pentium CPU it doesn't generate a super-duper law to heat their seeking their families so for those who just hate know is that I know you're out there you gonna like that in fact be a if if you take a look at our photo at the internal to the Sooners is actually a cut out the motherboard were a fan could go cut circular area and probably left over when they made this a core I'm version the motherboard overall architecture as it can change the whole lot interesting than value it's not super duper light given as a lone point six inches

it is 2.8 pounds of course the Holy only design in the robust changes to add some way can see on the site here we have are USB 2.0 port near to play on combo my headphone jack pine controls on the side rotation lock also our power button and nestle in Ohio says but in case you get yourself in some hot water that could with the computer need some a software restore driver reinstallation I can't think the controls are on the side here to make it easier to access when it's in tablet months you don't have to open up and reach for the keyboard itself under sign a little less going on here here's our think up there is a USB 3.0 important don't worry folks retailer stalin overcharging connectors comes with the usual Lenovo compact brick charger sd/mmc card slot right there and are like a HDMI port so the cinema reports for small machine you don't see a whole lot imports on board their if feels well made it feels 30 it may not be the most gorgeous they've ever seen but it does feel like to hold up pretty well does show fingerprint oils and probably the orange one does a a little bit less and of course it is a yogurt you can open it up land use it that way you can use it in content more like so when you get here may also to Bing bong says because lenovo has long distance offer on this that tries to tell you what abt you might wanna download that would be useful in a given display orientation it made me just what I heard it after a while really gets to be very annoying I don't really need suggestions about that and once you follow through on you download something

it will become a launcher for those abs after it touches me an elite be young again if you can use in telephone say he is all the expose on the bottom line over does make sleeves in case you don't like that feeling this is not a lifting lockheed more likely some Andre ThinkPad yoga nothing so fancy their despite viewing angles proven this is IPS actually for IPS i've seen. wider viewing angles in that part what you're seeing where there's obviously some glare it's pretty darn good and terms and colors well its it's okay it's certainly acceptable it's about average is not stupendous in person sells for $4.99 how much can you ask for the display resolution on this is 1366 by 768 which is fair for an eleven point six in China so you know my god doesn't have full HD you know well going to use Windows scaling

anyway which is kinda hit or miss with some programs particularly Adobe CS programs so it's an OK resolution is pretty sharp it looks nice for watching movies it's not wash down is ninety and panel for the money it's fine so here's our display color gamut this is for sRGB 71 percent again that's that's not bad it's just not great the better displays even the yoga to 13 inch hit 95 to 99 percent to I'm it still has nice colors movies and photos to look nice on it but for those who are into serious photo editing our video and Ian really care about color accuracy this prime will be displayed that makes your day here's our Adobe RGB which is 54 percent now the good news right here is the brightness level 371 it's a bright on this is what auto brightness turned of thats brighter than average those certainly better than the only 213 age and many ultrabooks on the market some in a way this is a very practical machine being slowly my ticket anyway might even take it outdoors you need brightness more than you need superb color accuracy and the search again right here contrast ratio is quite good at 701 black levels are decent that point 538 in terms of Adele to eat this is not a while the well calibrated in color accurate
this plane can calibrate it to improve them but again it for those of you who were pick you both those of you who work professionally anything images or video those are the ones who can care about that obviously this one's Windows 8.1 in you see a play with their new Start menu right there at the bottom home button physical clicky not have taken on this one like it is on the 13-inch model and this is full Windows 64-bit this is 64 bit CPU inside as well sir this is not a party this is the full deal this command all Windows programs that you like Photoshop you can try really left for dead honest to goodness given that this is a pentium which is Intel HD Graphics is does not really have the brains for that kinda job in particular it doesn't have the graphics for much gaming you can play casual games you play solitaire in some Windows Store games that you can get your mentor on pretty much any kind of hardware but this is not a game machine know for size comparison we have the you get to 11-inch on top in the yoga to 13 inch on the run actually

not a wild difference in size 2.8 pounds verses /url found 3.3 pounds 3.2 depends on the configuration issue with the other 13 is an image that awaits them will the difference in wait there min really not a whole lot size difference so that everything in the 11 injury so which more while the portable than 13 it as you can see not so much the case there really well the big difference here is in the cost savings about four hundred dollars difference between the two is pending review by maybe three hundred dollars or so and more speed on the 13 inches get talk or I 5 processor insider there him thickness on the side not so different either on the back the most noticeable differences we have fan grill here on the 13 inch because it does have a fan and the little eleven shy as we said this matter how faint K-mart obviously is gonna be a lil bit compromised by the size 1.68 inches means well as they can be 15 HR 13-inch even typing experience there they do bring out the keeper

fairly close the edges this is Lenovo's Aki type keyword with a smile shape keys so some good Bergen now makes their the one thing that's pretty challenging here is in the name of making this fairly thin there's not a whole lotta key travel on this Lenovo's reputation making excellent keywords particular thing Penn miles but even so the idea has a pretty good as they make these guys skinnier me get less risky channels have a look at it from the sign here you can see image movement there is there some this nice site took lackey a keyboard compare your little bit the set so it's nice damn Turkey's butt not a while Marshall I'm thought things are even more punishing to type on ours isn't that bad there is a pit ok trampoline here little bit a flex its not really bad even primarily see that is a little bit a movie here I think most people would mind but I do like is this is not clean up to extract and relatively speaking criticizing machine it's pretty large it behaves quite nicely CD is slightly different texture than here not much but since you have the fine ridge here you're gonna feel if you happen to wonder often supports multi-touch gestures

so I can for the charms and all those usual things but of course likely ogres the keyboard is this able when using in tablet mode like this even hold it like that and play with the keys to your heart's content and nothing happens on the front and for those who are really new to Windows 8 8.1 you don't know how it works to be using in this mode in the keyword is disabled you have the big on-screen keyboard here so easier every using the Metro version A by Iain Percy can use desktop version consuming all that stuff works in IE well supported and we're gonna watch will check out our video review the HP Spectre thirteen-a hear the speakers ok bring up to 720 P to better sit at this place is this is here today each the old for your HP review programs because the past year this this HP looks good sounds good does the job also fine for Netflix Hulu Plus although those kinds and streaming services and on sale Oakley store video since this is not full HD there's not much point in playing full HD media on this last season and HDMI out port in terms of synthetic benchmarks are Intel Pentium n in 3520 managed PCMark 7 score of 13 eighty-seven that's about one-third up the speed you see on the average core i5 Ultrabook with an SSD Drive now switching to an SSD Drive which is not an option direct from another but that would certainly speed up the PCMark 7 ever cuz it just likes fast hard hard drives SSD is really that that's part of what is benchmarking the challenges this is a pretty skinny sat at two and a half inch trying to may be hard to find

a try that will fit in there but there are becoming a heat wave height hot writing this story really the CPU is pretty adequate for everyday use but I do find a hard drive a little bit sluggish it doesn't have a caching driving here so it's just a straight 5400 rpm 500 gig hard drive the good news is you do have low storage space there for those who want to carry around a big media library under photos video whatever it is you could have the space here on for W prime it competed pie in 26-point 8 eight seconds s up everything core i5 their leader in 23 seconds that's not a while difference there did well with that Geekbench 3 a 64-bit test $9.95 single-core multi-core 32 +91 so again that's that's lower than you gonna see with the core i5 considerably but at its it's fast enough for everyday productivity is honestly it is inferred play media inside and I mean underneath this bottom cover the chance to take out the tortures if you wanna get to it

so yes you can if you have to there is a force l34 what our forty six hundred million battery Lenovo says up to six hours on a charge in our class with little bit there in five hours in excuse for the brightness set a fifty percent and that's a combo web browsing email social networking streaming an hour from Netflix you get the idea editing some photos I if you'll be playing games all the time you getting a shorter mount battery life if you just gonna be sitting there doing we're crossing in birdie might just get lonely in fact you probably will inside we have single band wifi 802 11 and Atheros clock on after a snake stayed after here that has combo with Bluetooth 4.0 this a socket card so if you wanna upgrade you cuddle a number is known to have only allowable whitelist the wireless cards you might wanna check to see which are allowable summer zia yoga to 11-inch 4 will it's for those of you who want something classier than a netbook think faster than a netbook something that has a better display the most netbooks which saw a pretty mediocre to putrid displays on a monthly you're gonna pay more than a very cheap netbook on here but it's still at $4.99 to 599 599 together from when I was website you get a pretty solid machine here they really solid in terms of build quality is pretty darn terrible

it may not be signing looking but it is and if you need just to do everyday productivity task you worried your Excel your email your web based applications I can is perfectly fine print this is not for gamers this is not for you folks who are wanna be videographers on the go obviously it doesn't have that kind of horsepower but it's not priced the way machines are that you have that kinda horsepower there is no digital pen option no way comer entry digitizer here you can use a capacitive stylus for that we should be as much fun as doing that iPad which means not really very precise and no pressure sensitivity so not so much for the art crowd I really just for you everyday people who need something pretty portable pretty light and gets a basic test on so that's all I know you'll get to 11-inch again it's available now if you're getting at Best Buy United States $4.99 filegate Lenovo's website about a hundred dollars Martin every day and if you're looking for trouble units as smarter than the average in netbook but costs a lot less than a full size laptop we're looking at families from mobile tech may be sure to visit our website to the full review.
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