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what's going on YouTube it is John from the Logitech channel coming out today with a very special video bringing you my top 5 gaming laptops from aces I selected by their laptops among the price spectrum from southwest now listen to over three thousand dollars so you'll get a really good idea of what the current technology offers in both price and performance in this incredible form factor from asia's so that further ado let's begin on Amazon also will have the latest sixth generation processor using the new skyline architecture this one in particular has the Intel i7 6500 block of 2.5 gigahertz up to 3.1 gigahertz GHz dual core processor I would have preferred it to be four processor but it does happen ready which uses processor resources quite efficiently enabling multiple threats to run on each core for the graphics card NVIDIA GTX 9:50 a.m. just gaming and gaming on the go and can even run some of those triple-a titles although you will have to turn these things down quite a bit for random access memory has 8 gigabytes which i think is the sweet spot for a gaming laptop even a gaming desktop there really is no need for more than 8 gigabytes for us for Vegas for strictly gaining first or did have a 256 gigabytes solid state drive which is just enough space to store pair of movies music and games all games all sizes are getting quite large would have preferred the storage capacity to be a bit larger but that being said it is a solid state drives you blow it and two types.

Will be very very very fast which is something that will make your user experience for productivity and gaming and much more pleasant and all this on a 15.6 inch and Matt LSD 1920 1080 display which i think is the perfect resolution 46 inch laptop and the biggest topper me is really clean athletic and being that it is only point nine inches in height and coming in a very lightweight four point four pounds up next to me a little bit impressed with the Asus CBS TV W gaming laptop just eight hundred and fifty dollars right now this laptop represents a pretty good value comes equipped with the Intel Core i7 6 208 you walk across the 2.6 gigahertz that's on the news guy like architecture 26 generation processor it also has hyperthreading so its great data processor of this caliber is packed in there with the graphics card has the NVIDIA GTX night 6 p.m. which is more than capable GPU is capable of playing the latest triple-a titles and medium to high settings receiving respectable framerates a lot of game performance with a combination of this processor and graphics card this is one of those laptops this more in the sweet spot getting a whole lot of value performance per dollar program and has a gigabyte which is the sweet spot a random access memory like I was saying there's really no need for a thing where they take a gaming system for storage and has a one terabyte 5400 rpm hard drive I do is a little bit faster and RPM mechanical hard drives SSDs loan and boot times would not be quite as long that it's going to be an RPM SATA hard drive but given all the other highlights selling points of this really great guy that you can upgrade rather inexpensively hard drive or SSD in this laptop for the display has a very nice to 2.6 inch FullHD IPS displays to get the whole wide 270 degree viewing angles and is really vibrant colors this laptop also only weighs in at 5.71 pounds it is 1.38 inches in height which is a little bit thicker than some of the other laptop to where the trend of the last homework is going to that one inch 1 inch laptop category and it's very easy very capable to carry out this 5.71 causes no means heavy. 

so I really like this last time I think this laptop represents a really nice value up next with one of a souzas most popular laptops as the GOP 52 D 871 gaming laptop or just one thousand $38 on Amazon right now this laptop is known for its very popular rog metallic cover for its very nice metallic feel virginity and they made no sacrifice for the components whatsoever and has the I7 6784 processor as well as the GTX 962 gigabyte video card is really popular I said get you very playable performance in the more higher-end demanding games restored by 7200 rpm hard drive which is great because you'll get a little bit faster load times and you would without a 5400 rpm hard drive but you also get that one terabyte of storage capacity plenty of movies music games why not also is very easy to upgrade the storage and you can easily added in dot to SSD and all this on a 15.6 inch IPS display so against great viewing angles of those pirate colors and his laptop weighs in at just 5.6 pounds and is only 1.3 inches in height that being said there is a bigger brother the EGL 752 which is pretty much the same laptop as a minute components but it is that I 17.3 inch display which is something that you might want to operate a link to this picture for that one thing.

That is only around $60 more expensive at $1,100 and you will get that extra screen real estate in a 17.3 inch laptop very interesting offer the Asus Zenbook wrote you a vew on Amazon right now so given the premium line you can expect barry premium you will immediately notice it has an aluminum copper and aluminum bottle has a very nice brush fish is just point eight inches in height race just buy houses very portable and definitely has that feel to it has some very nice hardware with the I7 6784 processor as well as NVIDIA GTX 960 em all this on a very nice forecast IPS display so amazing resolution display at the Harbor isn't quite there yet to game in four ka but you can definitely do it in for K they really went all out with storage in this one with the Samsung Vibrant do one in dot to solid state drive which is just amazingly supersonic fast to put some perspective on the SSD it retails for $300 alone and this is a book comes equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM which is also very well suited for video editing and is more than enough for a game system that also gaming in 1080p is very nice on this laptop you can play them or too many games at triple-a titles and medium to high as that is a very very respectable so expect a berry premium product with a very premium bill out of this ASU's 404 number one we have a very legendary gaming laptop the ASG 752 the successor to the very popular G-seven 51 this laptop deadly force.

The category for also a gaming laptop it is just super exceptional and build quality specifications and I love the new color scheme it has an armored titanium and plus book offer closely in which is a bit different from the G-seven 51 that a black and red color ski the specifications like I was saying we're basing it has the Intel Core i7 6828 cake quad-core processor clocked at 2.7 bigger turbo boost up to three points 6 yogurts for the graphics card it has the NVIDIA GTX 980 which is just really exceptional and you can definitely play all its triple-a titles amazing settings on this beautiful 1920 by 1080 P Matt elation D display I think the biggest selling point about the display about this laptop is it has decent technology and I think more and more all gaming laptops will be moving and incorporated using technology into their laptops for story to have it in top 25 for twelve people by solid-state drive as well as a one time I said the 200 rpm account so you have plenty of storage options and plenty of storage capacity and I like to have that end up to SSD blazing fast load and new times and for random access memory and overkill with this gaming laptop is definitely all about overkill it has 64 gigabytes of ddr4 memory which is just told the overkill for gaming but it's gonna be really useful for video editing and some other applications if you are really serious user also another purpose laptop is a 3d Baber cooling chamber which is said to be able to boost your GPA is before us back to 6% and is another very unique feature that is ASU's amazing gaming laptop has our everyone that concludes this top 5 gaming laptop cases each of these laptops have the latest six generations guy like processors if you're one of those extra 30 out there definitely check out some of the laptops with the general fiction CPUs you can get a lot of your dollar these guys we should get this video if you liked it I wanna see more like it maybe I'll even do a laptop or like to like an Asus MSI MSI or saline where you get the idea that.
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