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welcome on all to my long awaited laptop buying guide: gaming under 1000 bucks here five laptops on this list all which will be Lee download as you can see I got my intelligent cousin pound he does everything about gaming yes so and also with the personal but is actually under a thousand dollars

A skin the specs is a core i7 that tickles very good eighties where this one has a 960 a.m. on the inside very good processors very beginning instead bookended the games what this is 8 a.m. he machine a complete probably not order said musical play all the games high settings free tonight watch I to leave exists to get into this it's it's too is a fantastic computer doesn't have an SSD but still has use today peacefully 15 inches in size play CS kilometers problem industry good luck top has a new CPU and its just under 1000 bucks right with the move on to the next lot of this is the Jesus Rogg L 51 JW dash DSL 150 foot 6 inch gaming laptop gonna love try to forget the FHT tasty big gonna at so then Justin move into we have 16 gigs RAM missiles very 16 gig sets number plus full just over a thousand bucks in the future if you like to the price could came down yep it's an right now conducted d├ębut cannot look back again the GTX 960 am so you mean greater game these are all really new laptop thing is the 960 a.m. its face of the 96 debates and you are they just like releases and all these machines here pretty be essentially all %uh list just cover trash pretty much a relapse I will have the 860 a.m. but up also very good hey or so love this a Susana Acer which talked about ur phenomenal and the speaker is sixty. 

I GP on the internets laptop is even over white fifty got probably on a bus laptop very well-known on the model recommend on the website which is all good link download begins at 9 89 and at this point in history and how much does so this one has the 86 emes which is a good missiles is four games love the RAM so that's a very good 16 gigabytes 1600 makers ranches perfect for gaming and it has a hybrid one terabyte drive which with a Kings SJ solicits the action goes in there not clockwork 4th gen i7 pretty good stuff a less than a thousand bucks you can definitely not the wrong with the slotted also isn't IPS monitor so that's pretty good or display yeah believe it steady yeah all is committed itself this price as I kiss very good viewing angles TN Dec along the axis. 

It's a little bit more challenging you the next laptop is the so-called big brother to this yes local wife seventy comes in at this point I'm what 1,099 bikes just good price point for you get a yeah and may be different with this is the SSD on the inside so do you mean SD 200 amendments like yes more snappy this is 256 Kbyte assistance and you also have the option for the same price to get a CD with 12 we definitely recommend the SSD go this way it's it's much was chosen you also get 16 gigs of ram yes is the model versus the eight with BS an 88 6 p.m. on the inside plot for i seven I de penal code wrong with no yes sweet Lou Rhodes next lot have not we see any your valuable time %uh this is the NS I G Series GE capital T seventy Apache 406 81 he goes on and on this is a 17 inch laptop and by the way the Lenovo like seven teams mentioned is a 17 inch laptops as these big bottles for water looking for that gave the white fifty the 15-inch laptop mostly to 15 inches yaa and his form has a very interesting so that 12 to your place around OC that to a degree Apple issue but has a fantastic on processor which I core i7 at 3.6 characters is very high laptop usually get back on the clock speed very fast us unit. 

Has also the yes the GTX side 60m get angry a video card there so and this is for the decision that clock speed because on using laptops the cooling for something that I so it's it's good stuff yes a once in a very solid choice the ending of the list is commitment I we didn't know who won throughout includes oil is this the new Alienware 13 gaming laptop is personally think so easy one thing about this that is likely but if you into very high FPS gaming this might be for you yes because it comes with a I think it's a 760 p display Louis resolution on this list so which is it's still pretty good but if you're going to use it for years 868 it correct a 929 lives reni 6cm which would be perfect its 2g licence for a bar which is still very good especially at this road resolution Atwater said you'd be playing at very high frame rates so if you're into that this is a perk machine this you get the newest EP on the inside 80 but a gram sabha highest but I come to 950 s this point.

I'm but the display scattered within I'm each other options is also comes in 13 inches in size and if you want that HP is going to be good enough more actually goes up to fourteen hundred dollars but I think that the seven I'm 60p is good especially the fact is 30 a so so you pretty dense its so sitting close to receive those to you that we recommend those first is the Acer Aspire be fifteen nature know this is probably the best most Paul wants is 15 inches it's extremely yes the thinnest games here it's really is did that is really that been is fantastic it's close to something like a razor blade which comes at a very premium price for you know and so this kid a few but when you're seeing this for me along recommend which is the EC's Republican Gators on this one just has 16 gigs RAM rather than aids said difference very laptop city both had on the same fast Dyson with Saint Louis XIV you the difference is RAM on bus the other will you get the users yep B-fifty this one its third the body less RAM one your body can also they both have the same a processor and this one's this room features views 3.6 capers like not in that home buyer so that meter the day so very excellent new laptop the teenage incised laptops this Boolean to the video he missed the laptop see you find year downside the latest all comes down below like the big guys enjoy this wasn't pets videos very knowledgeable he means technology until next one G pound had a son Brandon yep yep see meet me like to be like one take up different you know you can do spread. gaming laptop under 1000
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