Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review

how's it going guys this is Dave 2d and this is my review of the yoga three Pro for the past month at work I needed access to a higher device I needed a tablet at the job site but it wanted to have no book capabilities so I went with this one now it's not a new device it came out in 2014 was refreshed in the spring of 2015 but to explain why I went with the yoga three Pro here's my review let's start with a quick unboxing here you pop the lid and there's two flaps that you lived up which actually raised the whole device up out of the box it's kind of cool on the inside you have the notebook some quick search stuff and a two-piece issued after the top of the device is aluminum well made and it feels pretty premium interval and has a pretty prominent Lenovo to hear the bottom of the device has that seems limited finish got four rubber feet here that aren't particularly grippy just kinda raise 

the whole device up and there's two down four speakers you can open up the bottom panel but really there's not much you can do it here Ramos ordered on you can kinda see how big the battery is late and you can also swap out the SSD for a bigger one or replace it if you need AC charger is 40 ones it's a little different from your average doctor got a USB socket up in the front you connect the cable to and the other end of the cable is also a male USB plug did you plug into your computer but it has a unique shapes you can plug into any USB port or it goin round of AC had yellow USB port that doubles as the charging port a second usb3 port mini HDMI for Canon sd-card slot that doesn't go in very deep and on the right side we have a power button reset by Matt sunken in a screen rotation lock turtle load volume rocker which mode and an audio jack in the third USB port so the specs on this model it's an Intel Core am running at 1.2 gig hurts 13 inch IPS touch panel with the residue 3200 by 1800 integrated Intel is 250 300 graphics evenings of RAM 256 cases storage and this cost $1100 

right now directly from which is about $400 cheaper than one originally lunged ok let's take a look at some dimensions it's very similar in size and weight to the 13 inch MacBook here it comes in and about half an inch thick around 2.6 pounds so it's very thin and very late now thin and light notebooks for ultrabooks are pretty common in 2015 but higher devices like this tend to be a little heavier to something like a baby shower hinge like extra materials for strengthening the chassis so as an example the spektr X 360 weighs in at 3.3 pounds so when using her device like this as a No book reviews on your desk job the extra weight does it really matter but when you use it as a template it's noticeable and when you're holding as a template for like an hour on a job site it makes a huge difference in this is where the yoga three Pro shines in ergonomics and usability the hinge kinda looks like a watch bands got a ton of moving parts for keeps the whole mechanism compact lightweight hinge combined with a lighter plastic chassis and core and hard work keeps the whole device light and much more usable in the tablet mode than any other 13 inch flat screen hired and surrounding the keyboard area is a dimpled rubbery material so you get a little textured cameras from the typing which is nice and all 

but it's really nice when using it as a tablet because it gives you something grip you to hold me using it that's the other thing if you see my specter of you when you flip the screen around on that device your fingers would press the keyboard on the back doesn't do anything bad but it's not comfortable but under yoga the design this keyboard so that a big section up top in on the bottom is just that rubbery trips when used as a template your fingers have a nice area to hold onto in uniting he's so the engineering choices they made on the other three Pro really make it a comfortable device to use as a tabloid and as a notebook keyboard itself is decent he travels good reason not as responsive and spring as I'd like also it doesn't have dedicated function keys like you need multiple keystrokes to activate something like four something kind of a bummer but that's the price you have to pay for a grip tell them they cannot remove the whole row of functions the trackpad is ok too pretty standard Windows trackpad 

and it has an occasional skip or miss click when you're using tap to click but otherwise it's not bad the screen is nice its 3,200 by eighteen hundreds of pretty high res viewing it as a great visit an IPS panel but if there was one place I had it would be the brightness it's not a dim screen by any means but if you're in direct sunlight it's not an easy screen to read especially because of the glare from the glossy finish the color accuracy is reasonable spider visa does 96% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB performance the SSD Drive is moderately fast he comes in at around 500 read in 43 right kind of in the middle of the Refresh processor for 2015 is a core and clocked at 1.2 gerdes considered a powerful processor but navigating around windows is snapping and smooth and any kind of work application like from the office we did really well in the core and is capable of running fans but they put a small slow spending fan in here around 20 doubles but the whole system guests around 25 decibels under loads are still really quiet I took a look at some thermals and even under load it still runs pretty cool it runs around seven or eight degrees cooler than a MacBook Air the speakers are down for what its users a laptop but they kinda feels toward you and it's a tablet 

I see kind of because it's obstructed by the screening but it still sounds pretty decent be honest I haven't had any good gaming sessions with any devices running a quorum processor and this one is no different playing at the native resolution worth your time but you can kind of get some late gaming in 1080p or lower so here's the storm do it too and CSGO they're all kind of playable like you're gonna get 30 40 frames per second with low settings but it's obviously not amazing four games the battery life is OK I was hoping for some really crazy numbers with huge battery but only got about five hours of regular use that's what screen at about 70% breakers playing games on battery I got a little bit less than two hours and watching some movies off the drive I got around six and a half hours it's a lot of companies that manufacture hybrid two-in-one devices like the extra six years from HP or Dell 291 the Microsoft Surface line there's a lot of options that there are a lot of companies don't do it right you either get a tablet that isn't very comfortable to use or a notebook that's difficult to use our lab but the you get three Pro is comfortable and other configuration it's easy to using a lap to hold as a tablet I think the kind of deal that's its biggest strength just pure functionality is not the fastest device that there is also a little bit on the pricey side but if you're looking for a hybrid device would definitely consider this on your shortlist that's the end of the review hope you guys liked it if you did give me some songs themselves the nice guys next time
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