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welcome to nursery in this article mi amigo in over Alienware command center as you me aur main and no from a previous article when am I am dreams milestones that have accomplished was a purchasing in awning and Alienware laptop had 

And i'd I'd wanted to share that this experience kids it I'm still blown away by my this coming true for me am what I wanted to show or showcase was this in the workman senator and its serb parts which is anywhere affects in your fusion Alienware tak X in this alien adrenaline at the first when I wanted to show who is this in where FX which is which is pretty cool down does it head to the performance at the laptop not necessarily but it does add to the experience have the laptop for owning the laptop or day-to-day use the laptop I'm a business upper left hand corner you'll see this active team which I I currently have it said on him advanced engage but before we get into that events mood I'm go ahead move down to this: mighty themes and I am can assure these little bit here you can see new team mucho get into my ambrose themes and then you have several choices. 

let me pick this car will this advance when will hit first as agency did changes colors to 10 different zones on the laptop itself so he can you can customize these colors at that like this is a preset one and metric minutes do you hit a basic one first let's do this alien blood so some this basic beam in the blood is just one standard color across-the-board you have this alien blood on all 10 zones which you couldn't see here there is a little bit different when it's plugged in OB this in the blue and green in them when it's using battery powered zone 1 which is right here was can be this greenish blue click on this view advanced mode and here's where the AM the advanced motor the advance themes or creating one yourself comes in the play so with that said let's go ahead and move to you and advanced since you wish there's actually a decent amana beams Eakin pick from and I'll chooses color will so on this color will Nissan advance options occur CC alt in zone again zones on one is seems pretty pretty basic for the most part he two colors on indicating if it's plugged an orifice con up battery power well. 

let's scroll down here to let's go to zone 4 any can select the zones I the from here or over here now on this advanced mode zone 4 is that loop in so it's actually in a go through all these different color palettes that have been selected and you have your tempo in your action duration: so let's go ahead and click on preview and you can see how it changes colors now it's that the preview screen is nice specially if you create your own he kinda want to get an idea of how it's gonna be heave are you know transition but its is really nothing compared to what it actually looks like on the laptop itself but I am it's a nice little indicator so that's those are the a.m those advanced pre-made beams agence lacked I'm gonna go ahead and stop this in here under the new theme this is where gets pretty fun I am here you can open this up to the advanced let's go ahead and slack zone 9 for Burke peruca months like nine to your site name here we can actually start the you change the color customize it to you your own liking. 

so I'm gonna go and pick that red pic to stir orange the moon's was good this yellow term produ miss extended so now put on loop so the skin and do this transition between this read in that yellow as add another action did a user's healer sleep disorder per in K I actually turning open you back up leading gin 2222 mmm two-term some yellow more fan slept here extend extend area an just cuz my OCD is getting in the way on the martyr stand brown you go okay 10-10-10 ok OC teasing go crazy rate is a mess that up anyway so now we have this zone I'm which happens to be the year yet touch pad their every preview will see that it's Kinnaird transition between those colors or cycled through an epic those colors because I like fire but I am so that now you can I haven't really seen how far this will go out by 8am I'm getting pretty far so you can customize two-year heart's delight which color duration: tempo be a and something to say no to some stop this here is that you have these not only can you create these actions and set the temperature Asian in loop it or not but there's also these events so us like this new email them nice legs own 7 77 scroll down to it zone 7 for in a an action let's do you read red that smirk this red red and blue hun gonna must not. 

anyway so we have this will have it set the email will have that sir it there their free hit preview will see that it's doing that alert red hun I didn't put loop on their Sons Co hidden area so now it's gonna sit there Annes can alert me data have and the mouse life I'm playing the requests are from playing in wat game have you I can be alerted if there is a new email ands with down its so those ish system he bends be here you can also select applications so when I am assuming im please correct me if I'm wrong you can actually have specific them color schemes to it every game that you're playing so or whatever activity you doing if you're doing something creative anyone creative colors then you could create that pallet or if you're playing and a shooter then agents lacked I'll flashing red everywhere so you can really customize the look a beer Alienware 15 laptop to suit your mood issue you're like Sir like gramm just go ahead and click on here and preview is what I currently have for am default the missus active engaged his bread is one way favorite colors and I like how it does this transition haven't really played too much with the applications are the M their system events unknown freaking doomed word the news e-mail be cool if you could link your phone to enter you know something now sir pasa the like Facebook heard notifications are one but I am think that pretty much covers the AM alien FX but I am yeah ASM play more at the system its I'm still I'm still walking on cloud nine its is really cool very these are little bit more in-depth
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