Acer Aspire E5 Review

this is Lisa from old tech review and we have a lot of high-end kind of expensive products particularly some of the laptop so we look at our pretty chic things and now it is time to look at a more affordable thing is it just like that killed by 7 tablet we looked at was a pretty good bargain and attendant Windows tablet with a Wacom digitizer now we're looking at the Acer Aspire eat 595 is a big lineup of products that comprises 14 inch 15.6 inch which is what this one is and 17.3 inch miles not only that he runs the gamut of processors the low in the pentium the seller on the NBA's most then have you will be low voltage Core i-5 CPUs a couple of course evansville is your typical order book CPU despite the fact that these are better than ultrabooks by from fourteen to 17.3 inches but there's even a quad-core i7 it's hard to make complete generalizations about this but they all do share the same casings and basic feature set to display options started to inexpensively as 379 for the 15.6 inch and it goes up to our is right here is really pretty nicely equipped has a Core i5 of the video at 9:40 and dedicated graphics for Allegheny fun at 6:49 with a full page to display which is pretty reasonable for which are getting there and if you find the elusive quad-core you can go up in price if you are a little more video RAM with your 9:40 a.m. 

all odds are pretty nice package for those who are budget conscious and we look at it now so this is the Acer Aspire five in somewhere in ohio and balls a little bit like the Acer Aspire v3 popular with those we're looking for gaming on that sort of thing but like I said incumbency is quiet a few miles must do we have the Core i five right now we're looking at Broadway generation CPUs insurance some point I get refreshed over the skylight you get a little better berry and teeny bit more performance not a huge difference there but nothing else is going to change this model most likely so we're even say here is going to apply now are seeking to hire a mom threw for the five series that means six hundred and fifty dollars $50.00 you actually get a pretty decent 15.6 inch laptop and has a Dual Core i-5 CPU that's a 15 watt Ultrabook CPU and we have eight gigs around here a one terabyte hard drive and a 1920 by 1080 display this is not an IPS display but it isn't anti-glare display as you can see he's not picking up too much glare from our studio lights it's not the world's brightest displays about 250 news but pretty and it's actually pretty nice looking nice color representation you lose 10 pounds are better using gaming laptops for a long time for a reason anyway there is none of those who have to get just exactly right so it looks like a variety of lowered Bank viewing angles with you the sore point for it to you color saturation is pleasing on this is not going to win two words for color saturation this is not the price point 

where is trying to get the starts around 379 Monday final bit lower and that's what Intel Celeron or AMD 88 CPU for gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive 1366 by 768 display so are $650 model W said to the pool each day displayed a larger hard drive double the RAM and by the way there are two RAM slots and so on so you can actually go up to 16 gig want with 28 gig modules and also we have switches in video dedicated graphics which get in this price range that's pretty neat and it's a fairly capable in video 940 and GPU in here not like hardcore gamer Khali bood good enough to actually make gaming worthwhile and reason to complain that their titles like Max playing quite well I was shocked infinite that's the game runs well in a variety of hardware that's going to play Tomb Raider quite a few other games and don't expect them all to run on high settings really bad if lychee resolution and we're going to demo BioShock Infinite you later so you can see but you should be able to play a 1920 by 1080 @ low to medium settings online games even more recent games we drew three maybe not you can always drop down the 1366 by 768 so that's the model for you gamers the one that we have right here and again there's a bunch of more affordable configurations but you can get a few hundred Core i-5 

and this for example in eight gigs around 500 gig hard drive around 500 bucks county police leave this place for that money you're not going to get the creature 4:42 comforts this does not have a backlit keyboard however it's not a bad urg travel on this is pretty good number pan on the side I know that sometimes a rarity on a 15.6 inch laptop Acer also makes he finds that are 14 and 17.3 inches a couple of different sizes that are available they're gonna feel it is a very clicky keyboard it was a track that this is a long track pad as those can be as bad this works great easily but the whole thing kind of sounds you know it's a little rally little bit clunky and it's a plastic chassis is gonna come across such a pattern here to those different accent colors around the edges of variety of different ones and the lid and the modern classic to which is financed durable and for this price point that's fair enough and it's a scary not shy about trying things just real princess Lily can see but it has sort of folks fabric finish almost like I gabardine pattern or lyndon johnson et al different and makes a fingerprint resistant also makes it creepy and the bottom is the same way it's got that same kind of pattern early different isn't it ventilation holes right here plenty on the down firing speakers on each quarter moderately decent speakers they're fine this looks like an optical drive the version I do is yank it out and there's a screw right 

over here if you unscrew that particular screw you can pull this plank out it is a black 925 different models of this is a long time to go through binding notice any that I actually had an optical drive but I could pull this out you can see there actually is a contender here so you could find a laptop optical drive module and pop it in here you might be good to go it's interesting that they have it capability there but they don't provide it this wins the award for having the most schools I have ever seen on the bottom of the laptop is 15.6 inch model has she runs twenty Phillips head screws or so courses that will not hold the optical drive module or fake Google Drive dummy here but there are screws every which way around this thing now they're filling sadly so that's pretty easy you know the obscure screwdriver maybe take all those off and start crying around and I suggest you start by the sd-card slot because it's right over here that one actually opens up to the top rumored fits you can work off the bottom of the usual plastic tabs don't break the when you pull it off and another little gotcha 

is the motherboard is going to want to come to really study stuck into these portholes earlier but you can take that off and there's two RAM songs like I said it's two and a half inch hard drive as well which is where the hard drive is for the ones that have cashing on the hard drive is built into the hard drive is not a separate and so is the model in that organization over here kinda overbuilt ventilation department really to come to allowed to cool need in video dedicated graphics so you know if you have one too just as Intel integrated 5500 graphics we gonna be seriously challenged plenty of room in here to 1.1 inches of sand to do that either so there's enough room for calling in here it doesn't get burning hot near the bottom what we've got it was initially this you can see it is quite a lot of points to lead them towards the front is not the most convenient thing in the world I don't believe the corner kind of bumping into your hands VGA port there we have Gigabit Ethernet we have our full-size HDMI where two USB 3.0 ports and headphone jack over here the other side are 5.29 pound 15.6 inch laptop that's where the power plug plugs in and here's a USB 2.0 port with charging so pretty decent ports here it's really good all-round machine got most of the points you're going to need so looking for something for college work a general purpose machine

as I gotta set you back too much money this pretty much covers all the bases there but if you get into the dedicated graphics if you're into gaming or maybe in like to edit video for fun on the side that sort of thing where a dedicated GPU is going to help you out the power brick is very small and very light and it is still adequate to power the dual core CPU with the Nvidia option inside now that 9:40 a.m. is not a big-time power consumer either so thats ok so this is not going to weigh you down too much in your bak battery obviously is sealed inside and it has gotten smaller the iterations of the EF I was at 33 want our battery for sell currencies to 2,500 milliamps not much there are smart phones that have more millions but this requires a higher voltage and amperage rating 

so they're not always clearly you can just go by that now that sounds pretty lame but if you're just joining productivity work with this and running on Intel integrated graphics and this is what their core I'm fine Broadwell generation model it's not as bad as you might think it actually manages about six and a half hours as well brightness set to 30% which is just adequate and with WiFi use guns because you might think that teeny battery and I word from our Sponsors the cast for mattress it's back and you can try and 490 absolutely safe money back guarantee it's the outrageously comfortable mattress for caspar matters and shipped to you directly and in the description for this video you can save 50 bucks he'll take it and use mobile to save $50 on a mattress performance well in terms of CPU performance is going to be a lot like any Ultrabook on the market since uses an ultrabook CPU and a lot of larger laptops do these days as well we have the 2.2 gigahertz Intel Core i-5 dished 5208 gigs of ram and Tara by conventional spinning hard drive and you can see how did first here's our 3d mark score with this testing the video at 9:40 a.m. we had two games ddr3 VRAM in here there is an option I really wouldn't recommend it there's not enough in this GPU you know gaming at fort my resolution anyways just go with the standard two games of beer and so this is our performance result test right here which is pretty 2451 in 3d mark 

11 now in extreme to test it scored 767 and for PC mark eight home accelerated we scored 26 90 which is pretty respectable dragged a little bit by the fact is not running on an SSD is running on a conventional hard drive you could of course upgrade the harddrive to an SSD later if you wanted to so fairly reasonable score in there and you can see that we didn't see anything like thermal throttling going on I would expect that with this Core i-5 dual core right here for W primate computed pie in 19.5 seconds like just about every other Core i-5 Ultrabook market Geekbench three single court 2636 multicore 5290 pretty healthy score there so overall like I said this is basically Ultrabook with a little help in the GPU department and shirley is more affordable than annually where 13 which does much the same page D screen that again isn't that bad for a TN panel is reasonably decent speakers it's fine for multimedia use with a Kaiser Family cora 58 here you can have several tabs open in Cromer ie your choice or in this case is the Microsoft edge brothers and we're running Windows home on this it would just be a quick test of video playback so you can hear is gonna look photo Welch 360 photo spacewalk no I wouldn't call that you know 552 Dolby sound there but that's not too bad and the volume is perfectly adequate surely be watching YouTube videos only like that it's good not really listening to a two-hour movie or music program you want to use the headphone jack on his wireless performance has been pretty good we have a throws Qualcomm dual band wifi area to live in AC with Bluetooth 4.0 on board so they're not slamming into i keeping you single band wifi to live in and everyone saw the truck that just seems to go to sleep and ignore me doing that

right now so I'm sure it'll come back so we go now by gaming will test a little BioShock Infinite announced you can see how it plays but here is a hit it does pretty well all right now we're in BioShock Infinite new see what our settings are here running at full screen 1920 by 1080 @ media we have straps running in the upper left corner to show you the frame rate typically it should run in the round 30 to 35 at this setting here now you can drop it down at 1366 by 768 need even know be pushing 60 frames per second which is pretty good are obviously you could drop this too low if you want a higher frame rate we're going to roll with this to see how it goes anywhere from twenty eight frames which is about this game but I honestly might drop its a lot of settings or 1366 by 768 cuz I'd like to see more than 30 frames but that's up to you you were using frame County might look at this is a hit this place pretty nice so they are easy enough to control the game and interact those fires on the Acer Aspire you five with the Nvidia 940 and dedicated graphics card so that's the Acer Aspire Eve five of album now like I said many different model configurations I think that the Core i five is pretty common the dedicated graphics a little bit hard to find but you can find it and it starts with even Lauren CPUs if you're really on a budget you don't need super duper computing horsepower all in all it's not bad for the price for mobile tech of you 
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