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Laptop for editing photos

okay you guys should now be seeing me in 3d somewhere in my free vision goggles they can with our new cases laptop just to begin think we're good to go week friends family today is a very special and sacred day here SR lounge. 

which is why I am also not wearing my hat for today we welcome three new additions into the SR lounge family have computers key the what's up everybody my name is pie and the managing editor for SR land dot com now many do you have recently asked us the exact same question which we thought we would address here in this video the question is what do we use for computers inside the studio not only from still photography and the editing their out but also for video and for editing I so wanna go over the three different scenes that we use in the studio why we use them will be covering all this incomplete reviews with you to these products or we can go basically any more details for the Tech Specs anything like that later on for now it is coming over the basics and talk about why we use each these machines and what we use them for we just received by the way the latest version.

I V to these machines this week in the mail which without what great timing we can now tell you as with our new machines here so let's start at the top as far as ultrabooks for alter portable no books we have our AC's San but this is the you act 32 you VD now the reason why we selected this notebook or this Ultrabook over everything out is because the only 13 inch at the moment but actually has a dedicated video card it's extremely powerful we can upgrade the RAM up to 10 gigs we can also upgrade it with an SSD base leave our choice we can put as much memory is what so it's great for also future upgrade ability. 

if we need more storage it's a beautiful notebook which makes it perfect for basically location assignments where were traveling with her writing and it's awesome to because its powerful nap if you need to do some editing on location has a brilliant screen and has a fast enough processor and internal components that well actually enable you to do any type of still photography editing and so forth on location so it's great in the Ultrabook category it is our best in class when it comes to you ultrabooks for creative professionals now let's move on. of course we have our Mac Book Pro here's the Mac Pro 15-inch with Retina display ok then the I mention that right higher so we love our Mac Pro and there's a lot of app on business out there are generally for all of our workstation stop for all of our production machines were using a windows-based machines which. 

we have the Aces here but we also love Mac and there's actually some us in the studio diaper for using OS X and using kinda they think of it as being more mclean operating system with a Linux basis as opposed to using Windows but I really comes down to preference what's great about apple and about the Mac Book Pro retin-a is really the retina display and we have up pretty fast machine here it's taxing very quick as far as the processor cell but there's not a lot of upgrade ability as far as the compounds everything you're buying is actually built an at the make sure you get what you want the tiny parts that cuz there's not a lot of ability to upgrade out later on there but the retina display is absolutely brilliant solo homer on location doing shoot one for tethering we wanna show basie our work to clients these machines that were using 

I don't know if i mentioned it but with the US 32's we have to those in the studio that is our third so now we have three to be so we can to share these machines depending on who's doing what with the Mac the pros we have three now the studio this makes our third and basically it's just depending on what people are doing some are people like I said prefer to use OSX they're using them for say blogging album design which you can use windows for two with just a matter of preference but for presentation purposes for on location shoes or tethering or if say you're shooting 4k video anyone a preview the retina display is absolutely wonderful it's amazing for that purpose all right let's move on out to our workstation our Monster and this is what we would say is the best kept secret among laptop computers for creative professionals this is be ACU's g75vw DS 73 and I once again with his crazy name that I really hard pronounce which does come with 3d goggles

 you may have seen earlier and alright so this monster other machine is what we consider it's a laptop but we've considered as more of a mobile workstation or desktop replacement the 17 in screen is rather large it's around 10 pounds but the reason that you're purchasing this machine is because it's rock computing power we have the latest i7 processor inside a bit 16 gigs avram and its also upgradeable with up to 2 SSD slots we have to hard drive bays and we base the upgrade olive Rd 35 units with dual 512 SSD insight about blazing fast internals including 3 gigabyte dedicated envidia 678 am video card which makes absolutely wonderful for real time video editing while we can stack on a fax and everything pans out a premier actually have cheap you enabled processing once again you have to hack the do you processing things out for me we'll show you exactly how to do and have been you later on to support this video card but once you do it works amazingly well so it's great for still photography with a do SSD's it's blazing fast its awesome for video editing and for rendering because it is processing and computing power the only downside is it's rather large but again you're not buying this for the you know the size you're paying it 

for the process are it is a mobile workstation which makes a great we're doing a location-based video shoot we can take this with us actually have are workstation ready to you basically process and ready to do whatever we need it also has a wonderful display its not retin-a quality display as far as resolution but it does calibrate extremely well with like a at standard basic operation unit which makes a great for color grading and basic doing any type server color correction with still photography and so on this is our work station she inside the studio this what we do ninety percent evolve our processing where there is still photography whether it is video its all done with these machines we have 6 have these in the studio right now this nexus 7 so we have for at I think have 4075 and a 4G is only for the have 2g sandy threes and now we have our first g75 was just barely came it's a wonderful you know guys it's a great workhorse and we've had them for over two years without a single issue and that's basically wet in all makes AC is our number one choice as far as windows-based computing platforms for creative professionals because the reliable they're very powerful machines and a they're also priced very well not the cheapest but there a good value for what you get that's it for now we're gonna get into more detail we cover each of these items in there own independent review later on I'll be honest that is little bit heavy but a who cares when you get these bad boys that come with it
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