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here by popular demand after being asked for for two years finally it's my for the money gaming laptop case if you have a minute the gaming laptop market for a while a lot has changed going back to 2010 comparing the i five 520 UN to a Broadwell i5 5300 you the Broadwell i5 2300 you has up to 12 times better graphics and up to two times longer battery life now as you can see in this chart intel also says that you get up to 2.5 times better off as productivity and nine times faster wake up so when we were talking about seconds you know something that took you nine seconds before let's say to wake up now it only takes a second so huge changes in the laptop market and I'll give you my recommendations coming up looking abroad well versus has well we can see you get up to 22 better 22 percent better integrated graphics performance and up to just up to four percent better productivity. 

Now an important thing to know about Broadwell most gaming laptop manufacturers completely skipped over that doesn't mean on your general standard laptops you can go get a Bravo processor but you know if you're looking at that Jesus Roge or Alienware laptop than most likely you're not going to be able to get in it in a broad well option and the reason this has happened is because the performance simply wasn't worth the cost up implementing this %ah instead since you're just going to be using a dedicated graphics card anyway most manufacturers stuck with as well that being said getting a broad well laptop is very important if you just can use integrated graphics and more and more gamers each day are using integrated graphics to play the likes it dota 2 League of Legends Hartstone Diablo 3 World of Warcraft all these types of games in even some more graphically intense games can now be played on the Intel HD 5500 Rapids that come standard and everything about min i three processor for Broadwell let's jump right into my picks for gaming laptops in the middle of 2015 in the under five hundred dollar category I really think you ought to look for something refurbished or used at laptops are really like cars would you drive off the lot they lose a lot of value laptop was a lot of value that way too. 

And if you're willing to go for something refurbished or used you can save a lot more money and get a lot of performance if you're looking under 500 dollars for something new it's difficult to find something that house in i five has the 1080 P screen and has more than four gigabytes of RAM but if you're willing to step it up to five hundred and fifty dollars you can get Lenovo's G-fifty dash eighty its model Adee 501 j1 US which has the best of both worlds as an i5 a 1080 P screen and a Jacobite sovereign in AMD option with an AP you would be HP's 15 dash p0 30 in are now I was able to find this refurbished for about 442 450 dollars and new at the five hundred and fifty dollar price category you get an AMD 855 45 in quad-core processor along HD 8510 geographic's and all that integrated Beats Audio it's a pretty good deal if you're willing to go the laptop like this and definitely worth considering if you're trying to stay under 500 dollars around at six hundred dollar mark you can go to Newegg there's a laptop on their the a sous X 555 lb dash in s 51 it gives you a dedicated GT 9:40 a.m. 8 gigabytes avram 1080 resolution and abroad will I by 50 to 100 you considering that I I feel that Jesus has superior quality when it comes the laptop that's a pretty darn good deal.

All right now I'm gonna bring up mine thousand-dollar pics and I just wanna bring up a child in need for the website the blog posts for this which shows these for laptops probably the most popular gaming laptop a nap thousand dollar range is the sous Rogg of i-5 1 GW dash DS 71 now there's another similar model to it called the DS 74 in the main difference between that and the two hundred dollars more expensive DS 74 is that DS 74 has an IPS screen an assault state drive persona you that's going to be well worth the price work he'd rather stay in that thousand dollar range the DS 71 still makes a lot of sense one thing I'm really encouraged in a thousand dollar price range about is that if he's been a thousand dollars you can get an Alienware gaming laptop that actually have decent specifications I'm not sure whether Alienware change their chassis a little bit I know they did that but whether that brought the price down to whether they just want to be more competitive but in a thousand dollar price region at the Alienware 50 knw 15 dash 1421 SLB that hasn't high 5 energy TX 965 am for just around a thousand eighty dollars. 

Another laptop its kinda newer laptop to mount a check out as the Acer Aspire v15 nitro which also has similar specifications and an IPS screen in the 1500 our category will start with the laptop I just got fourteen hundred dollars its alien where's 17 NW 17 dash 2136 SLV you can i7 4710 HQ and the new GTX 70m solid graphics card option there and you know IPS screen with Alienware with all a million whereas laptop so really a pretty good deal there for fourteen hundred dollars again it's surprising and good that Alienware is trying to come back to earth in terms of its pricing because now you have a pretty good option you're you're thinking he do I wanna a sous Roge I laptop or do I want an Alienware one for the same price in you know some people that probably left the Alienware a few years ago might find an enticing to go back to it if they're back to a reasonable price level the Alienware 17 model a step up from nap has a solves the drive-in cost around two thousand dollars if you wanna jump up to a GTX 1980 am really you're in that two thousand dollar range and you can either get that Alienware seventy 6421 SLB model or you can think about going to the a sous Roge I DH 71 has a GTX 980 am and a few other pretty cool options

For about twenty five hundred dollars down includes a 256 gigabytes all state drive an 24 gigs avram the last mile I want to mention is about 2400 2500 dollars razor blade 14-inch you can get it to 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabyte solves the drive it comes with the GTX 970 a.m. cost around twenty five hundred dollars now that might sound like a lot but you're paying for form factor here you have its point seven inches then and it weighs about have won all these other laptops do so if you're on the road a lot you don't want something too cumbersome men having that extra space having something that lightweight might be you the difference between you being able to take the laptop with you on a plane or not for me personally. 

I'd rather go with something more hardware centered but this is definitely an interesting option for those who view to travel or just want something that's super portable per alright that's the into the video guys know we're here to say about being left us but I'd love to know what you think let me know in the comments section below or go to our forum form that talk to you about com where you can ask me a direct question you can also join our community at Facebook dot com slash top 10 game now we're trying to get this community to row to the we can get work all products and from you and have kind of the unique perspective that we that we have for products like this if you are interested in helping this channel growth and you can do one of three things you can comment you can like you subscribe all these themes allow the video to get more exposure which helps me let the channel growing last the channel to simply do more P hopefully that is your goal it's definitely mine thanks for being here we'll see you next time valor
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