Gaming laptop under 500 dollars

Hi guys and welcome to enjoy it list this is gonna be a review the a satisfying the 357 1g laptop both gaming laptop the is basically the lowest actual lowest price actual given much thought you can get book it really his coach for the price is a around 500 pounds thoughtful 190 0 for 180 pounds which is around. 

I think 5 150 phones no dollars even the so you're it's a reasonable price for a laptop the yes in SoCal with just cookie should be up to read easy in SoCal i5 2.5 gigahertz troubles this report 1 gigahertz no video G false /tt 6:30 and want to go by dedicated house in the video up service which give you a better battery life and performance falls came in and using Google the graphics things the it ok said Intel Core i5 Nvidia dedicated Vero Moda she's than as a fifty-point six-inch HD LCD screen which is very nice by the way the 6k divisive ROM which is a the agreeable to a gigabytes as 500 gigabytes of memory whichever ready to go a hoot about 250 because well windows H takes enough memory for starters and I've downloaded. 

I think it's 36 games of Steve as well than a got DVD SuperMulti DL Drive is unknown the and that 1 don't know what it is but yeah it's got the hutch got a 60 light the that something battery which if you gave me most about two hours depending what game you playing a.m. it's so close it is on so she don't like lot then %uh look past that anyway because it's great game in that top yes got the remember pot which is also good for him in person hears anything about the HD webcam right that way you can't see it you can sneak into update ish there and has HDMI and MOT & Mon cock Rica is pol pot's actually really the said and small to look nice only gets hot if I like you have the power back on soft surfaces like I don't know like to bed or something the yes oh as Windows 8 really really fast as you can there which makes no sense but yeah the lives quitters doing left home to me alright yah I've also down things that I shouldn't have done on this laptop AK he not paid or not paid for not paid for but that's the only three and the others I had like 20 then ignore all dem games for I couldn't. 

let you know that it plays both these games but all the games without any struggle what so ever five just open up my Steam all the ones I've downloaded so far I have played and it does not like warm bit not water bit minecraft with the HD 64 times before thing textbook or 120 official which 1i used to go around 260 frames per second in Far Cry 3 on high settings around $20 for a second if a poor a.m. some stuff or medium and then just apply textures on highest often I get off 30 frames per second bolster golden so yes really good it plays morsi's gives up trouble and I'm going to go now and just show gave live about five games pick up that which I have recorded with fraps so yes exhorted and see later I hope you enjoy the video go buy this laptop now did he'd kept world during the day have you ok me week homes whale way you hear you sing gained the well well good jeans me have do do yeah min if me in in yep your if your if years yeah it you yes it her it we have here and the the end this good you yeah we have a peek. gaming laptop under 1000
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